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Brides of FBR

Rohini knew exactly what I wanted  the moment we met. I still get compliments for my wedding dress and engagement party dress that I got done from her. 

Outfit by Rohini Bedi

Rohini was the best at helping me find my wedding lehenga. She was able to procure the exact lehenga I wanted from India with perfect fitting. Her store also has a great selection of clothes!

Sabyasachi Bride

About Our Leather
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Deciding a Sherwani was way easier than I thought with the personal attention that Rohini paid. I was extremely happy with my look and fit.

Sherwani by Rohini Bedi

Rohini custom designs outfits to your liking and is extremely patient with you until you are completely happy with your look and fitting. Her store has something for everyone, whether it is custom designing or ready-to-wear

Outfit by Rohini Bedi

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