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Varisha in FBR

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Our bride Varisha looks ravishing in her custom Lehenga designed and styled at Fashion by Rohini.

When the bride gets a vote of confidence from her friend, she surely does go with it, and the results are stunning, aren't they? From creating the floral sangeet lehenga to styling Varisha in her Golden Goddess attire we were thrilled to see her in both the outfits.

1)How was your experience working with Rohini?

My experience working with Rohini was fantastic!

Her creative expertise and efficiency makes the process so easy. Her vision is tailored toward bringing out each persons’ natural beauty and I appreciate that she is very open and honest. I came to her with a very unique request for my custom sangeet lehenga and she nailed it. It was so special to see her get so excited about creating something that was unique, edgy and fun. For my reception gown, my mom and I went back and forth so many times and with Rohini’s encouragement and advice that comes from many years of experience, the one we ended up with fit what we were looking for perfectly.

2)How did your custom Floral Lehenga make you feel?

My custom floral lehenga made me feel edgy and glamorous at the same time! The look I was going for totally pushed the boundaries for normal sangeet-wear and Rohini was on board from the start. This lehenga is extra special because it was created from scratch - I showed up to my consultation with Rohini with a few pictures and a lot of description and she made it all come to life. It was also really special to see my hair and make-up team see the lehenga and them come up with a really cool and edgy look for their elements as well. It all came together much more amazingly than I ever imagined!

3)What would your words of wisdom be for brides to be?

Be yourself! Your clothes are meant to enhance your beauty and working with Rohini she will help you do just that. And don’t be afraid to do something different. Breaking the mould is away more fun than staying in the lines :)

And lastly,

4)What was your husband’s reaction 🙈?

So my husband had not seen ANY of my outfits till the wedding week and he was floored. His reaction to my sangeet and reception looks were especially priceless. He loved the way the sangeet lehenga caught the sun during our sunset pics and he loved how our James Bond esque looks came together for the reception. Seeing his reactions was one of my favorite parts of the wedding.

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